Ambrosia "Dog Treats"!

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The Ambrosia Bakery "Dog Treats"!

 Ambrosia’s dog treats are pure, nutritionally sound treats baked in small batches with meat, fruit and vegetables.

Dogs love them! You’ll love that they are packed with nutrition and antioxidants and contain no added sugars or colorings.


Click on the following flavors to learn more!

Beef     Chicken     Turkey     Lamb


Dog Treat Ingredients

Ingredients for Beef Ambrosia Dog Treats    Ambrosia Bakery Chicken Dog Treats


Ambrosia Bakery Lamb Dog Treats Ingredients    Ambrosia Bakery Turkey Dog Treats Ingredients



Ambrosia Beef Dog Treats   Ambrosia Chicken Dog Treats   Ambrosia Lamb Dog Treats   Ambrosia Turkey Dog Treats