Almond Croissant

Ambrosia Bakery, Almond Croissant

We take our butter croissant slice it and fill it with delicious pastry cream.  Then top it with a sweet glaze and crunchy toasted almond slices.

Available Size:

1  Almond Croissant - Serves 1 

Ambrosia Pastries

Looking for the perfect individual dessert to go along with your dinner? Look no further than the Ambrosia Pastries! From our Raspberry Mousse Pyramid, Key Lime Cup or even a Single Serving of our Famous Fresh Strawberry Cake. We have an in-house Pastry Chef that will be sure to make your Ambrosia pastries just right!

The online order process requires a 48 hour notice.  Need your cake sooner?  Phone the Ambrosia Call Center to speak directly to a representative at 225-763-6489.

Mini Fresh Strawberry Pie

Mini Fresh Strawberry Pie - Single Serving

Looking for a little taste of the best pie in town? We are now offering a Single-Serving of the Fresh Strawberry Pie. Loaded with a secret filling and topped with our famous "Fresh Strawberry Cake" topping!

Available Size:

Single Serve - Serves 1

Tiger Cake - Large

Tiger Cake - Large

Vanilla and chocolate swirled cake topped with a chocolate pour.

Available Sizes:

10 Inch - Serves 8-10

Single Serving - Serves 1

Single Serving Fresh Strawberry Cake

Ambrosia Bakery, Single Serving Fresh Strawberry Cake

Single Serve Fresh Strawberry Cake.

Available Size:

Single Serving - Serves 1

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