Traditional King Cake - Shipper

The Traditional King Cake has cinnamon and sugar inside! Your King Cake includes a plastic baby inside the King Cake and the history of the King Cake. To ensure the best freshness of your King Cake we are shipping the Traditional King Cakes undecorated. This eliminates any damage during shipping and also for a FUN time doing the decorations!

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See how your King Cake is made!

The Original King Cake was created by Christians to thwart off the pagan Greek Custom of selecting a young male villager to reign as king for one year only to be used as a human sacrifice at years end. An oval shaped cake was prepared and a small bean was concealed inside, the fortunate person who received the piece of cake containing the bean was dubbed “king” for a week and was allowed to choose a queen to reign with him.

The Epiphany, or Little Christmas, is observed on January 6 in many Christian churches. This day has come to be known as “King’s Day.”

Since the 1300’s, the day has honored the meeting of the Three Wise Men with the infant Jesus. King Cakes became part of the celebration to symbolize the finding of baby Jesus.

Traditionally, King Cakes are oval-shaped to show unity of all Christians. The Mardi Gras season which begins on this “Twelfth Night” (January 6), is expressed on King Cakes by using the carnival colors of green, yellow, and purple. The colors of the King Cake are purple for justice, green for faith, and gold for power. Some bakers also decorate the cakes in red to symbolize the life of Jesus.

As a King Cake is cut, each person awaits anxiously for his or her piece to locate the small baby. The person who finds the baby is obligated to bring a King Cake to the next seasonal celebration. (Included with each shipper King Cake is a Mardi Gras cup and a "History" of the King Cake, Mardi Gras beads and a baby inside the King Cake. (CAUTION! A NON-EDIBLE BABY FIGURE IS INSERTED INSIDE YOUR KING CAKE!)

Start this local tradition in your home, office, or class. King Cake season ends on Fat Tuesday, the day before the season of Lent begins.


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Traditional King Cake - Shipper