Ambrosia Fruit Cake Cookies

If you have not tried the Ambrosia Fruit Cake Cookies you are in for a treat!  

Fresh and Premium Ingredients: These cookies are crafted with the utmost care, using the freshest and finest ingredients available. Notably, the pecans are locally sourced from New Roads, Louisiana, ensuring a rich and authentic taste that reflects the region's quality produce. The candied fruits incorporated into the cookies add a burst of sweetness and vibrant flavors, creating a harmonious blend of textures and tastes in every bite.

Seasonal Specialty: As a seasonal item available starting in November, these Fruit Cake Cookies capture the essence of the holiday season. They're crafted with dedication and care, making them an anticipated and cherished treat during this festive time of year.

Sampling Experience: Ambrosia Bakery takes pride in introducing these Fruit Cake Cookies to the public and encourages people to experience their deliciousness firsthand.

Changing Perceptions: Ambrosia's mission to make Fruit Cake more widely accepted among the general public is evident in these cookies. By infusing traditional flavors into a more approachable cookie form, you're creating an opportunity for everyone to enjoy the goodness of fruit cake in a way that's both familiar and delightful.

The Fruit Cake Cookies from Ambrosia Bakery are a testament to quality, tradition, and innovation. Through fresh, locally sourced ingredients and a dedication to making this seasonal treat more accessible, these cookies are sure to bring joy and warmth to holiday gatherings, allowing everyone to savor the rich flavors and festive spirit they embody. 

6 Ambrosia Fruit Cake Cookies per box...

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Ambrosia Fruit Cake Cookies