Southern Wedding Tradition

In a truly southern wedding, the Wedding Cake and Groom’s Cake are often showpieces in which the new couple can incorporate southern traditions, express their personalities, and provide a culinary treat for the mouths and eyes of the guests.

One such tradition which was originally practiced in the south but has grown in popularity across the country is the cake pull. When choosing your wedding cake accessories, you may decide to include these tiny delicate charms which are inserted between the layers of the wedding cake. Before the cake is cut, the bride and those she selects, typically the bridesmaids and other wedding attendants, will each pull a satin ribbon holding a charm. These charms represent a fortune for the person and are a precious memento for those to keep from the celebration. If you decide to incorporate this tradition into your wedding, make sure you choose a baker who is well acquainted with this procedure.

Another tradition growing in popularity around the country is the personalized Groom’s Cake. In days gone by, the Groom’s Cake was typically a plain chocolate square cake, possibly with a fudge or chocolate pudding filling. This is not so in today’s weddings. Since so many of the wedding decisions tend to be done by the bride, the groom who works with the baker in designing a personalized Groom’s Cake has an opportunity to include a centerpiece of his individuality. Some of these unique designs include sports themed cakes such as hunting, golfing, and fishing. Some reflect the Groom’s skills such as welding, playing the piano, even video gaming! When choosing your baker, make sure that he or she is able to give examples of past Groom’s Cakes that showcased the personality and interests of the grooms.

Finally, the southern wedding is steeped in the tradition of serving exquisite delicacies and sumptuous food. Whether you are planning a full sit down dinner or a banquet style reception, the Wedding and Groom’s Cake should be the focal point of the delicacies, not a dry afterthought. When choosing your baker, make sure to request taste samples of the wedding cake, not just pictures of the designs.

If you are careful and do your research, you will be able to have a truly wonderful southern wedding in which you can incorporate sentimental traditions, express your personality, and leave your guests pining for another piece of wedding cake.