Why does Fondant Icing cost more than Buttercream Icing?

Fondant Icing is rolled sugar dough placed on top of buttercream icing.  So, when we do a cake in fondant icing, we have to ice the cake first, then roll out the fondant and ice it a second time.  Therefore, fondant iced cakes are more time consuming and thus cost more.

Why would I want fondant instead of buttercream?

This depends on your taste and style preference.  Fondant iced cakes have a beautiful, sleek, and elegant look.  They look beautiful with ribbon wrap and/or beaded borders.  Unlike buttercream-iced cakes, they do not have a top border, and the bottom border can be small.  Fondant iced cakes also have a slightly beveled top edge.  Fondant is an amazing tool that can be made to look like material draping or pleating and many other things. 

What if I prefer buttercream without fondant?

This is fine if you like designs that are well suited to buttercream.  Victorian and other designs look beautiful on buttercream.  However, if you want ribbon wrap or beaded borders, consider fondant, as these designs don’t look as nice on buttercream.  If you insist on us making a buttercream iced cake look like fondant, the cake will cost the same as a fondant-iced cake, if not more, as it will become more time-consuming.  We do not do beveled edges on buttercream cakes.

What if I don’t like fondant?

First, have you tried our fondant?  Fondant technique and skill varies tremendously in the US, as even professionals argue about the proper techniques.  Our fondant is rolled between 1/8” and 1/4”, placed over buttercream, and is kept refrigerated until your cake is delivered.  If you are still in doubt, we can provide a sample of fondant in your wedding samples.

How do I get to taste your wedding cake?

We give each bride six free samples after the payment of the $100 non-refundable deposit.  Extra samples are $1.50 each.  Please place your order for free samples one week before you would like to have them. 

What is the best way to save the top tier of our wedding cake for our one-year anniversary?

Place cake in box and cover with plastic wrap several times in different directions.  Put the box into another plastic bag then seal and place in freezer. One year later your ready to thaw and serve.  If your cake has Gumpaste flowers remove them from the cake prior to freezing.  Remove any excess icing and put in a box for storage or display them for everyone to enjoy!

Photo by: Warren Conerly Photography

"We celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday and our cake tasted just as good as it did on our wedding day! Not only was our cake beautiful for our wedding, but we were able to enjoy it again a year later!! Thank you so much :)" - Mallory Dare Danzy

Where do we get the Cake Stand (Plateau) from?

You can rent the Plateau from The Ambrosia Bakery for only $35.  Rentals require a $100 holding check that would be returned when Plateau is returned to bakery.  All Plateaus are required to be returned by the Tuesday following the wedding reception.  The Ambrosia Bakery is CLOSED on Monday's.

When is the final payment due on Wedding / Grooms Cakes?

Final payment is required no later than two weeks prior to date of Wedding.

Can I make any changes to my Wedding Cake?

Yes however, these changes may affect the final price of the cake.  Any changes must be made NO LATER than two weeks prior to Wedding.